Monday, January 16, 2012

But It Looks Simple Enough...

Ha. Famous last words.  I tried making head pins with 20g copper wire, but it so did not work.  I'm not giving up though.  I'll figure out what I did wrong and keep trying.  I love the way copper head pins look all distressed and patinaed with that little drop of copper on the end of the wire.  I just wish I could make them for myself. I did find it very satisfying to fire up the torch and attempt to make something with fire and metal.  It felt very ancient and primitive.  I know it's a modern butane torch and manufactured copper wire, but when you get down to it, the basics of using heat to form metal to make adornment for the body is the same now as it was when Og figured out how to make shiny pretties to attract the ladies.  I bet Og first used fire and metal to make sharp pointy things to combat the other Ogs, making pretties to attract the ladies was probably just a byproduct.

I was productive over the weekend.  I made nine pairs of what I'm going to call Kickin' It earrings.  They are just little earrings that you can just kick around in; little basic blue jean earrings.  I like making stuff like that because I get to perfect my wire wrapping and they are super easy to sell to the girls at work.  I just need to finish them up with the ear wires and get to the craft store for some card stock to make the earring cards, and I'll be in business.  I'm working on putting together a logo and trying to see if I can't make a real live business endeavor out of my hobby.  We shall see.

Oh, and the next time I say "But it looks simple enough..", just smack me.  Hard.

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